eVAL OMR Software

  • Exams, Multiple Choice Tests, Surveys made super easy
  • Process your existing Test Forms without redesign
  • Cost effective - No special scanners, paper & printers
  • Unique Excel based easy to use designer for OMR sheet
  • Variable fields - to print unique OMR sheets with bar code, name & roll numbers
  • NEW - Support for CBSE Term1 OMR exam and NEET new pattern

More than 5000 installations worldwide. 100% Accuracy And Automated Reports & Results

omr scanner software

Simple to Setup

OMR Bubble Sheet

Main Features

  • Recognizes optical marks (bubbles) with 100% accuracy
  • Works with plain paper OMR Sheets:
    • Standard 70-100gsm A4 paper
    • No Special printing –  normal printers or MRPs (Inkjet/Laser) in B/W
    • Photocopied OMR sheets can be used
    • Multiple standard templates available
  • No special scanner or OMR machine needed – works with standard flatbed/ADF scanner
  • Easy to use Excel based Form Designer to modify existing or create new OMR sheets
  • High speed OMR sheet recognition – processes 300-500 sheets in a minute on standard PC
omr sheet checking software

Main Features (Cont.)

omr sheet checking machine
  • Form Processing Features
    • Bar Code reading
    • Printed text reading (OCR)
    • Handwritten text (ICR)
    • Tick (✓) and cross (✖) reading
    • Structured and unstructured form reading
  • Advance analytics and reporting module
  • Export data to various formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, DBF etc)
  • SMS module- Send assessment results as SMS
  • Process pre-designed/existing OMR sheets
  • Available in perpetual license and annual subscription models
  • 7 day trial version available for evaluation

Trust From Customers

In a short span of 2 years, we have achieved good success – purely on the basis of product simplicity and technical superiority over the established players.

We are the choice of the BEST Schools, Universities, Coaching Institutes, Govt Education Boards & Top Organizations for OMR Product, Solution & Services

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